Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Monday, September 8: Rob has really large big toes. Seems our little guy inherited the trait!


These are just cute, so we’re posting them.

Saturday, September 6th: Time to take our little guy home! We were surprised to see that the hospital has an original Keith Haring mural. Baby’s first public artwork! Our friend Jen was the first friend to meet Reeve, and our kitty Phoebe also had to check him out right away. The other cat ran in horror under the bed, and wouldn’t come out for a few hours, but now he’s on board with the idea of this flailing, crying thing in the house.

Jen and her brother JB were sweet enough to go to our place a few hours before we got there and make us an incredible homemade meal, and clean up afterwards as well. It was so nice to come home to. Thanks Jen and JB!