September 2008

More pictures of the Manley grandparents, and our friend jennifer coming back to see Reeve again.

 . . . sleeping position:

Reeve doesn’t like bath time.

This is what we refer to as “milk drunk”

And in the interest of posting other cute pictures for grandparents and friends, here’s one with daddy:

As mentioned previously, all babies born at Rush University during baseball season get free tickets to White Sox games. Reeve was born rather late in the season, so there were only four games left for which the tickets were good. Clearly Rob and I were going to be a bit too preoccupied this week to use them, so we gave them to our friend Mike Lohman, who is a huge White Sox fan. He was thrilled to take advantage of them, and sent us this great picture from the game:

Monday, September 8: Rob has really large big toes. Seems our little guy inherited the trait!

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