April 2009

Weight = 17 lbs 8 oz
Height = 29 inches

In the past few days, Reeve seems to have developed this new facial expression. We have no idea where it came from, but we like to call it the Donald Trump face.

Reeve loves gravity games!

Reeve was very chatty today. So we decided to figure out how to upload videos tonight so you could all hear the conversation!

Reeve is a busy guy with a lot to do in his daily agenda. For example, we have to start our day practicing our standing up in the exersaucer . . .


. . . then there’s more standing up in the Pack and Play . . .


. . . a break for some lunch . . .


. . . followed by a good long nap.



Weight = 16 lbs 8 oz
Height = 28 inches