April 2011

It seems as though every year for each year we’ve lived here, the City decides it needs to tear up our street again. We wish the various City departments could work together so they could lay sewer pipes, electric, cable, etc etc all at once and be done with it and leave us be, at least for a year! But our annoyance is a thrill for our construction master, who gets his own private show. He decided to play along with his mini-digger and mimic the real ones out his window.


Mommy’s friend from college was in town, and wanted to meet us for dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Reeve was so excited about the animatronic crocodile, we had to visit it several times.

The next day was gorgeous and warm here, so we went to the park, made another friend and learned how to use her binoculars.

Another day we went to the playground. Reeve loves to mimic the girls.

There are few things Reeve likes more than dirt and trucks . . .

. . . except getting them all to himself.

In one of the last snowfalls of the year, daddy and Reeve made a mini-snowman: