October 2008

We took Reeve to Northbrook Ice Arena to visit Allison’s skating crew. Dana (in the blue) was the one who generously gave us all the tons of loaner clothes and other items.

Reeve is only six weeks old and is really pretty good at holding his head up. We’ve been putting him on the “tummy time” pillow that came with the activity mat for just a few minutes each day to help him build up strength. Today he was smiling at Rob while doing his little workout:

Allison’s mother gave her a beautiful christening gown that was worn as babies by her mom, aunt and uncle, as well as Allison and her sister. So we made sure to put Reeve in it as well, even if only for a few minutes, so we could keep the tradition going. Now we’ll send it to Allison’s cousin Chantal, who is due in December, so she can use it.

We’re glad we only had Reeve in it for a few minutes, because today also marks the day that Reeve had his first projectile vomit. Luckily, we had him out of the gown by then.

We found a Baby Einstein Activity Mat on Craig’s List for only $20 . . . $30 less than retail. Yay! Reeve likes it.

Today is Rob’s 41st birthday, so Reeve gave him the very nice present of a good, snuggly cat nap.

Of course, every good cat nap requires a cat.

One of the hand-me-downs we received this summer was a Fisher-Price swing. At first Reeve hated it. Tears all around! So we decided to wait a few weeks and see if he’d like it later. In the meantime, Phoebe enjoyed it, even when it was turned on.

Then yesterday, when Reeve was in a really good mood, we decided to try again. He was in it happily for a whole ten minutes. Then he got the hiccups, the tears started, and he and decided that was enough.

Today I thought I’d go for broke and really leave him in there for a while so I could get some stuff done around the house. So I waited again until Reeve was in a happy mood. Success! Reeve took a nice deep nap, and mommy got some hands-free time to get some chores done!

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