August 2008

Mojito is helping by breaking in the baby bathtub.


Just so you all can see the immensity of it, here’s a picture showing the crowd on the south end of Grant Park. And a marker showing our location next to the soundbooth and port-a-potties (for the sound guys only, unfortunately).

Rob and I are HUGE Radiohead fans, and have never never never seen them in concert. We’ve tried . . . oh yes, we’ve tried . . . but they don’t tour that frequently, usually play teeny tiny venues, and are therefore quickly sold out, sending the price of scalped tickets sky high. So as live-music lovers, when we heard Radiohead was the headliner for this year’s Lollapalooza, we knew we HAD to go! (plus it never hurts that about 100 other good bands were playing, including Rage Against The Machine and Nine Inch Nails, and we love going to Lolla every year anyway). Hmmm, but eight months pregnant when the concert finally arrived was going to be tough. But I’m a tough cookie, and in a record crowd of 75,0000+ in Grant Park, we got relatively close to the stage. Thanks to Bryce and Friends for saving us a spot! It was worth it!