June 2011

Reeve got a new bike helmet. He wanted to wear it immediately.


Height = 36 inches
Weight = 31 lbs

Tough to determine who’s winning here: the urge to sleep or the tasty sandwich.

Reeve has been keeping busy enjoying all Chicago has to offer in the summertime! First he expressed his joy at a visit at the Nature Museum:

. . . checked out the baby pigs at the petting zoo:

. . . had fun at the beach, helping daddy launch a kayak ride and playing with some kids:

. . . took a ride on the zoo train:

. . . rode a fire truck:

. . . and played construction at the Children’s Museum.

It’s been a while since we posted an update, but have no fear that our little man has been very busy indeed. Since we last posted, he (and mommy and daddy) got another haircut. It took some bribery with Thomas and Friends videos on the iPhone, but whatever gets the job done.