September 2011

Weight = 13 lbs 8 oz
Height = 23.5 inches

The Manley grandparents came to visit and meet Gabriel.

During the visit we went up to Lincoln Square, and Reeve got to play with the local clown and puppeteer.

Weight = 13 lbs 4 oz
Length = 23 inches

Poor Mike Corwin managed to get three children moving!

Our friend Steve lives right on Lincoln Avenue, so he has front and center seats to the annual Von Steuben Parade, the german parade that celebrates the life of the General who helped George Washington train his troops. That’s worth flying a german flag and clapping along with the fun!

Reeve loves his friend Jacob. They are just two months apart in age, and their younger brothers are just 11 days apart in age. Perfect play date material! And Jacob’s mom also went to college with mommy. We get together with them as much as possible.

We were wondering if Gabriel really looked much as Reeve did when he was a baby. So we decided to compare this photo of Reeve with the one below of Gabriel at the same age (a few days old). My conclusion is except for being blonde vs brunette, they are very much alike.

I also wanted to share the “coming home” shots of Gabriel in the car seat and being greeted by the cats, which are similar to the same ones of Reeve coming home from the hospital. Phoebe has passed away, but Opie was here to greet Gabriel instead.

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