July 2009

Taken July 21, 2009. This is technically his fifth time taking some steps.

Let it be known: on Sunday, July 19, 2009, Reeve took his first steps.

Not once, but twice during the day! Three forward steps each time!

No, there is no photographic record, since it came very out of the blue, but there were witnesses. So we just wanted to acknowledge it for the blog.

Now we are officially in trouble. Time to get the baby gate.


Every once in a while Reeve does this strange little backwards scoot on his butt. We like to think it’s the baby version of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. I am thrilled I caught this on video, since he doesn’t do it often and it comes out of nowhere. So here’s to you Mr. Jackson . . . the moonscoot:

I have cute pictures too that I’ll post later. But here is Reeve and my friend Kim playing in Lake Michigan on July 13, 2009. He had a blast jumping up and down in the waves: