July 2011

Reeve’s little brother was born this morning! Gabriel Gleeson Coleman arrived at 4:56 am on July 30th in dramatic fashion: he practically exploded into the world, since he arrived way earlier than all the doctors, med students and nurses were expecting. The aforementioned kept saying, “no you’re close but not there yet,” while mommy kept telling them, “call my OBGYN, he’s coming NOW!!!!”. Turned out mommy was right. The water broke with a loud pop, and within minutes pushing urges began. The nurse kept saying to resist it, but uh, no, that wasn’t happening, especially without an epidural (yes, we did drug-free again). Pretty soon the head was visible, which caught the sole nurse in the room extremely off-guard, so she got on the call button and yelled for a resident, but Gabriel wasn’t waiting! It took basically one and a half pushes and less than 2 minutes for him to arrive, and there was only Rob and a nurse in the room!  So out he came, and while the rest of the staff made it into the room shortly after he was born, the OBGYN didn’t appear until 20-30 minutes later. Yikes!

But he was in great shape, and ended up weighing 8 lbs 1 oz, and was 21 inches long. He has dark hair, and it looks like will have Rob’s olive complexion. Everyone is fine and trying to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Gabriel is eating and sleeping really well. 🙂


Opie and Reeve are like peas in a pod. Opie is less a cat and more a very forgiving golden retriever, since he lets Reeve pull his tail, wrestle him, tackle, etc with little fuss. One day Reeve put on some mouse ears we were given, and he crawled around the floor with Opie.

And then Opie joined him for bath time.

Grandma Manley sent Reeve a backpack for school.

Reeve started his first day at a Montessori preschool, just a few days a week. He had no trouble jumping right in, introducing himself and getting started! No tears, no separation anxiety, barely even a glance at mom and dad when he entered the classroom. This kid is quite the extrovert.