August 2010

Reeve finally started showing interest in the potty!

Of course, every man needs reading material in the bathroom.

More photos and video of the cousins having a ball together.

We took Reeve to visit Isabel, the mother of a friend of Rob’s from high school:

Here are more pictures of Reeve playing with his Yoder cousins the weekend of August 21st.

Reeve loves to help with the laundry.

Since we were on the east coast just two weeks before Reeve’s 2nd birthday, the family threw him an early party. He’s a big cupcake fan.

We took a trip to the east coast for a wedding, and went a few days early to hang out with family. Reeve got to hang out with grandma and grandpa for lunch, and Reeve showed grandpa his mad skills with an iPhone.

The next day Reeve went with his cousins and grandparents from the other side of the family. One day they hit the petting zoo. Reeve met a goat . . .

An emu . . .

Chased some chickens . . .

And sat in the mouth of a whale.

All that can tire a guy out. He and the cousins took a nice long nap.

Reeve hates to miss the action. When he goes to bed at night, frequently he comes over to his door and lies down to peek underneath to see if anything else is happening in the rest of the house. He just doesn’t want to miss anything, but usually he always gets bored, and goes back to his bed. But one night Rob and I heard a strange noise, and decided to investigate. We found him passed out under the door, snoring. He was just too tired to make it back to the comfy mattress.

Of course, we’ve also seen him do this:

With the exception of a small mullet trim (called by Rob “a hackjob”) that mommy gave Reeve when he was about 18 months old, Reeve has never had a haircut. Until today. We took him to the pros to have it done right, and they had the set-up: the seat shaped like a car, games, toys, a movie for him to watch (we chose “Finding Nemo”), and the fastest hairdresser this side of the Mississippi. The curls are now sadly gone, but at least there’s some style to this ‘do. Plus he got a lollipop, a certificate for his first haircut, and a sticker. Good times.

Mommy was bored with the same old playgrounds, so she drove to the lakefront to get a glimpse of Lake Michigan and some new scenery. One of the playgrounds right on the bike path has a huge sandbox. Mommy called her friend Jeffrey who lives just a few blocks over, and Jeffrey helped Reeve and another little boy with bucket filling, scooping, piling, and other such sand activities.Reeve was such a fan he was back there just a few days later.