So here it is, Saturday, and our little man is now just over two days old! He’s still feeding really well, sleeps like a rock, and has us completely charmed. He did get a circumcision last night, so last night was a little rough. Wahhhhh! But Dr. Walker (our OBGYN) takes great pride in her “circs” and said it was one of the best ones she’s ever done. I’m sure she says that to all the parents of little boys, but we’ll take it. As she said herself, she knows that the ladies will appreciate it later in life! So it must be done well.

Speaking of Dr. Walker, here’s a picture of her with us. She’s really tall . . . taller than Rob without heels actually, but she ducked for the photo because I’m so short.

The Rush staff has been incredible. From visiting dieticians, pediatricians, lactation consultants, hearing specialists, and on and on, they are terrific. If we had to do this again (don’t hold your breath!) we’ll come here again. Even the janitor who emptied our garbage daily was sweet as could be and wanted to know all the details of our little guy! She loves working the pediatric unit.