July 2010

Reeve has grown out of his highchair. Grandma Manley sent us the old table of chair that mommy used to use when she was a toddler. Reeve is a big fan, and now gets to feel like a big boy sitting with his own pint-sized furniture.


We got a new kitty. The kitty chose us, actually . . . when we arrived at the shelter with Reeve, this kitty was the one who was most willing and curious about Reeve. The craziness of a sleepy, hungry, grumpy toddler didn’t seem to phase this guy. Plus he was a good fit for our other cat as far as temperament, age, and size. He’s blended into the family perfectly, and loves playing with all creatures, whether human or feline.

Daddy wanted to go kayaking the morning of July 4th before the beaches got crowded. So we all got up early and headed to Montrose Harbor. We had to bring buckets, trucks and tractors to make it the perfect experience. We got in a good two hours of fun in the sun before the crowds really got heavy and nap time descended.

We are fortunate that we have friends nearby with kids relatively the same age and with a backyard full of summer goodies. They invite us over a few times a month to hang out and let the kids play.