March 2009

Our photographer friend Steven Gross took some six month portraits.

Take a look!

It’s time to retire the following three items: the swing, the Bumbo seat, and the activty mat. The activity mat no longer holds interest (and Rob and I will not miss the catchy tune it played ad nauseaum); the swing comes to a dead stop because Reeve is just too heavy; and the Bumbo, well, it said good through 14 months old. Pfffffttthhh. Reeve is so tall for his age, he can now stand rightup and flip himself out of it. So into retirement they go. Sayonara!



Daddy and Reeve play, while in the background, a cat fight occurs. All in a normal day here at Chez ManleyColeman:



We haven’t used the Moby Wrap for a few months due to the very cold weather. It’s just too hard to get Reeve suited up into his winter gear and then into the wrap. But since we had a very odd 70 degree weather day here today, we thought we’d take the wrap out  hibernation. Now Reeve is big enough to be facing out and looking around . . . great for a day like today! And this wrap feels way better on mommy’s back and shoulder’s than the Baby Bjorn carrier does. He happily spent a good hour in there total.



We’ve begun crawling . . .


. . . and eating cereal.



New games Reeve likes to play:

Blow on my tummy:


Watch the laundry spin:



Reeve had his six month checkup yesterday.

Height = 27.5 inches (90%)
Weight = 15 lbs 6 oz (35%)
Head circumference = 43 cm

So basically he’s holding steady as being built like a string bean. He’s been maintaining those percentiles pretty much since birth. He’s a tall and skinny kid!