We went back east for Christmas to visit the grandparents: first Allison’s, then we took the train down to visit Rob’s family. Reeve was an amazing traveler! We barely made the flight out due to blizzard conditions in Chicago, and were stuck in the airport for hours. Reeve was cool as a cucumber! Daddy showed him the planes:



When we finally made it, Grandma Manley showed Reeve the Christmas tree:


Then we took him to a Christmas eve party at my parent’s friend’s house. Rob’s mother sent a fantastic Santa suit for him to wear. So cute!:


Christmas morning we opened gifts and had a good time:



Christmas Day eve we had dinner with my parent’s friends, and Reeve tried a taste (a drop off of Rob’s pinky finger) of a very fine Dom Perignon. We figured his first wine should be a very, very good one: