Reeve Alexander Coleman arrived early this morning, Thursday, September 4th at 2:45 am! He’s 7 lbs 3 oz, blonde hair and blue eyes, very long fingernails, and super cute. And Allison did it all with no drugs! Very very difficult (and excruciatingly painful), but worth it in the end.

The name is from the Manley side . . . Reeve goes back to Felix Alexander Reeve (our little guy’s great-great-great-grandfather) who was in Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet and married into the Donelson family. Oddly enough, Felix was also born on September 4th! Go figure. And Reeve is Allison and Dr. Manleys’ middle name, so it was about time it was resurrected. And Rob hated the name Felix, so . . . Reeve it is!

He doesn’t cry much (yet) and is feeding and sleeping very well. The doctor was awesome, as were the nurses. Oh, and because the orthopaedics here at Rush hospital are the doctors for the White Sox, all babies born during the baseball season get free skybox tickets! So Reeve was brought to our room this morning after his bath with four free tickets in tow. Bonus!