February 2013

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Gabriel is not a big sweets guy, but he sure is sweet himself.

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Over the course of a few months Reeve kept getting sick and complaining of neck pain. After several doctors visits, finally one day he got so bad we needed to take him to the hospital. At first they thought it was meningitis but a spinal tap ruled that out. But an xray to his neck revealed some pockets of infection. Assumed to be a MRSA infection, he was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital where they took excellent care of him.

He loved the ride in the ambulance:

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Then when he had the energy he got to see all the fun things the new hospital has to offer:.

Small dioramas at the kid’s height.

TV time with his monkey Piper:


The fire engine:

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The shadow puppet wall:

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And the playroom, where every day there was a new activity. One day Miss Illinois came to help the kids make Valentine’s Day cards.

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Cousins Charlotte and Susan sent messages:

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Height = 33 inches
Weight = 25.8 lbs
Head circumference = 47.5 cm