August 2012

Reeve and Gabriel love to play on the trampoline next door.


Our community garden plot is growing nicely. Reeve likes to “help.” Which really means that he likes to run around and touch everyone else’s plants while daddy is trying to clean up our plot.

Reeve (and sometimes Gabriel) sometimes joins me at the rink on Saturday mornings so mommy can skate . . . and daddy can sleep in late. After a few weeks of asking for lessons, I finally gave in. His skating rink sitter, Hannah, is also a young coach. So he was very comfortable taking lessons from her.

The first lesson before ever even stepping on the ice is how to get up off the ice when you fall! You get on all fours like a puppy, then roll over.

Weight = 23 lbs 10 oz
Height = 30.5 inches
Head Circumference = 46 cm

Reeve knows his way around an iPad a little too well.


We went to visit Jennifer and Alex, and decided to try out their playground in their neighborhood.

Later that day i took Reeve for a bike ride, since he still had some energy to burn. He got a free snake tattoo when the lady said business was slow and she needed someone to sit down and make her feel busy.

You’d think with all the cool animals around the Brookfield Zoo, Reeve would have been all about looking at the real thing. But he was much more into the sculptures.

But Reeve will never turn down a ride on a carousel: