June 2012

We had a play date with Reeve’s friends Thomas and Timothy. Their dad took some great pictures of Reeve and Gabriel.


For his participation in summer camp, Reeve needed a doctor visit. Just recording his stats here:

Weight = 34 lbs
Height = 38.5 inches

Gabriel has no fear of water fountains, pools, or sprinklers.

One day in our local town square, we encountered a balloon guy. He made Reeve into a full-fledged pirate. He got the hat, the sword belt, the sword, and even a green parrot for his shoulder. Reeve was very proud walking home with his pirate finery. About halfway home, the sword popped, and then somehow the rest of the outfit was uninteresting. No sword, no pirate.

Miss Anna left the school to go teach english in Brazil. She was a great teacher and we will miss her.

I took Reeve down to the Old Town Art Fair to visit our friend Jim’s booth, see some live music, and check out whatever else we could find. He loved the live music, as always, and was very keen on a large balloon hammer with a Spiderman theme.

But then he saw the face painter transform another little boy into Spiderman. And Reeve was not going anywhere without the same treatment. I’ve never seen this boy sit so still and take direction so well as he did when getting his face painted.

Then on the way home we had a special treat! We ran into acclaimed children’s folk singer Ella Jenkins. Reeve’s seen her in concert!

The last transit of Venus in our lifetime took place on June 5th. Since it was going to be a great night for viewing, I took Reeve down to the Adler Planetarium to take a look first hand. He was a trooper waiting in the long line to take a look through a telescope.

The next party was at his classmate Maggie’s house, and involved a puppet show, with a protagonist named YuckyPoo.

No matter how many times we tell Reeve he can’t catch a bunny (or a pigeon, or a squirrel, etc), he is undaunted by the challenge.

Reeve and Gabriel sure do love their crazy bath hair.