May 2012

Mommy and Daddy felt like they were living back in DC again when the NATO Summit came to our neighborhood. There were military helicopters, protests, marches, and police everywhere. A pair of friendly officers were hanging out in our local ice cream shop when we came in for a cone, and Reeve was curious about their badges and uniforms. They even let Reeve hold a bullet proof vest to feel how heavy it was. But then Reeve asked to hold the gun. Ummm, no.


Yet another birthday party! This time for Marcus, and he had it at Kid Science Lab, a place where kids get to be involved with experiments with dry ice and various types of goo. Reeve wasn’t into it at first, but eventually he got into the groove.

Gabriel got an acknowledgement from the crowd:

Then came the “dinosaur slime:”

And then there was the exploding volcano:

Reeve’s New Orleans nanny was having a fundraiser for her sisters, and they flew up 100 lbs of live crawfish for an authentic crawfish boil. Reeve was fascinated by the crawfish, and had to watch them be cleaned and prepped, and liked to pick them up occasionally.

Reeve shows his little brother how it’s done.

Reeve made it the whole two blocks down to the dead end, and around the corner. Too bad another neighborhood kid broke the seat shortly after.

Head circumference = 45 cm
Length = 30 inches (93rd percentile!)
Weight = 21 lbs 11 oz

The boys on the trampoline: