January 2012

More pictures from our visit to the Manleys for 2011 holidays. First some pictures from the Derr’s Christmas Eve party:

Reeve has a thing for older women:

More pictures from opening presents Christmas Day:

Then some pictures from the meet-and-greet for the boys:


We took the train down to Baltimore and then Reeve had lots of fun playing with his two cousins Charlotte and Susan. Gabriel also had to show off the Santa suit again.

Then it was time to head home, and Reeve liked the baggage claim.

Reeve had a good time in Philadelphia with the Manley grandparents. Reeve was excited to ride on a plane. Mom and dad were not so excited to fly with two kids.

With no little people or small kids around, we went on lots of outings to keep him busy. First we went on a visit to the Please Touch Museum and Reeve most enjoyed getting to be a construction worker:

Mom, Gabriel and grandma went for a ride on the refurbished carousel:

Reeve also enjoyed the funhouse mirror:

Another outing was to the Morris Arboreteum to see their outdoor train display and other fun things. First Reeve and daddy got on the netting overhang, which was miraculous for daddy since he’s afraid of heights.

Then we heading over to see the outdoor train display, which was very detailed and extensive. Reeve loved looking at all the diesels, steam engines, and the christmas goose too.

Reeve also got to play with Miles, the 9 year old son of the neighbor next door. He taught Reeve how to play soccer and climb trees.

And for Christmas Eve, we got Gabriel all dressed up in a Santa suit.