October 2011

We took Reeve and Gabriel to a farm in the middle of Illinois that had a plethora of activities . . . petting zoo, pony rides, amusement rides, haunted house, hay rides, etc. Reeve spent a solid two hours there running around and we only got halfway through all the activities.

Reeve was impressed by the pumpkin selection.

HE also was impressed with the graveyard.

Then he took a ride on the dragon roller coaster.

Reeve thought this ride was a bit too scary for him just yet. So next we rode on the train, which went a bit slower and was flat instead of up and down.

Then Reeve spotted a ride where he could ride different types of cars. He wanted to try a bunch of them out, so he took this ride three times.

Next we went on a hay ride through the woods, where they hung scary (bats, mummies, spiders) and funny things (Miss Piggy, E.T., Popeye) in the trees.

Then on to the petting zoo, with bunnies, sheep, llamas, goats, a calf and a pig.

One last photo op before we left: Boo!


Sido found a playground in Lincoln Park that has a huge sandbox AND a big pirate ship. Heaven!

At another playground in Roscoe Village, Reeve and a friend made pretend smores over a pretend campfire.

Later that day Gabriel and Zev had a playdate.

Today we all went out on a gorgeous day to enjoy the Annual Ravenswood Art Walk.